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HPV vaccination is the only reliable method to ensure immune protection against new HPV infections and subsequent disease in males,” Giuliano and her co-authors declared in a recent paper. The HIM study — for HPV in Men — documented this by collecting genital, anal, and oral samples from 4,100 unvaccinated men in Florida, Mexico and Brazil between 2005 and 2009. Still, Gravitt said the study is in line with others that suggest men are more susceptible to HPV viral infection than women.”

Patti Gravitt, an HPV researcher at George Washington University, believes these estimates are a bit oversimplified because women counted as uninfected may actually have undetectably low virus levels, or HPV may be hiding in a dormant state in their cells. Oral HPV infection rates are skewed by gender, just like the resulting cancers. Becker, for example, had metastatic disease by the time he noticed a lump under his jaw line in late 2015.

What’s more, age-related changes in cervical cells reduce the risk that HPV will take hold there as women get older. He made headlines that mortified his family And he helped publicize the fact that a pervasive, sexually transmitted virus called HPV was unleashing an epidemic of oral cancer among men. Gallery: HPV is causing an oral cancer epidemic in men by outwitting natural defenses.

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